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My Approach to Our Work Together

The biggest predictor of growth and symptom improvement in therapy is simply whether or not you "click" with your therapist. Do you feel genuinely connected to them? Do they listen to you? Do you feel like they understand you? Do you feel comfortable around them? Do you trust them?


If you align well with my approach to therapy and you think we might be a good fit, please feel free to reach out! :)

My Approach to Therapy

I believe in client-centered therapy, which means that I constantly strive to provide an environment that is genuine, empathic, accepting, safe, and totally individualized. My work with clients consists of evidence-based psychotherapy approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment TherapyEmotion Focused TherapyMotivational InterviewingCognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy.
That being said, I leave lots of room for humour, creativity, play, and collaboration in my work with clients, as these can often enhance trust and build a strong and meaningful therapeutic connection. I tailor and create a new therapy for every client I see. My goal is to work with each client to meet them where they are and develop a plan that feels attainable and that reflects their uniqueness as an individual.

My Approach to Assessment

I take a holistic and client-centered approach to my assessments. Similar to my therapy style, I will strive to make you feel heard, comfortable, in control, and empowered. I will look at your story through a multidimensional lens, taking into consideration biological, genetic, environmental, social, and cultural factors. Whether or not you are diagnosed with ADHD, I will aim to help you understand your own brain (such as the way it learns, the way it processes information, the way it adapts, and the way it operates in your everyday life). We can work together to hopefully answer some questions you have about yourself, and develop a plan that feels attainable, helpful, and realistic for you. 

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